niedziela, 19 czerwca 2011

The Mamas and The Papas

Simply enjoy sunnyshine pop of american 1960s. They are awesome. Listen and think! It's not only music, it's life.

poniedziałek, 13 czerwca 2011

Something different

Maybe something different today? Do you know polish rap? I think no, so say 'hello' to Adam Ostrowski (O.S.T.R.). In my opinion he's the best polish rapper. He touches different matters in his production. He' s also one of the best rappers because of his freestyle skills. I know that many of you won't understand, but focus on the beat, really awesome, I think. Enjoy.

sobota, 11 czerwca 2011


Maybe some electro-house today? OK? So let's meet Justice- French duo which mixes original electronic music with rock or indie. They are also a little bit provacative, which I like. For example they sneer at religion (their first album was named 'Cross' or simply '†'). However, I think we should judge them only on their marvelous music and good performances.
I want to present you song named 'Stress'. But you cannot only listen you should also see the video clip, which is really worth seeing and in my opinion very well-done. So enjoy Justice!

piątek, 10 czerwca 2011

Reel Big Fish

What do you think when you hear 'ska-punk'? I think Reel Big Fish. They are so positive that I cannot name all the feelings which are in my heart when I'm listening to their songs. They are incredible. This kind of music always make me smile, it's unbelieveable.
Nevertheless, I should also say about them. Reel Big Fish is a band formed in California, USA. They recorded seven albums. Today I want to present you 'Another Day in Paradise'. Enjoy.

czwartek, 9 czerwca 2011


Do you know Ayo? She's from Germany, but her parents were from Africa (I'm not sure). She's a kind of a soul singer. Her performances are breath-taking. She said that her inspirations were Bob Marley and Pink Floyd. This year is a year of her new album- Billie Eve. One of songs on this CD is 'I'm gonna dance'. It makes me feel happy, I hope that it will do so with you, guys.

środa, 8 czerwca 2011

Daft Punk

You like it? It's band playing something around house. I like their music, but there is one thing that interested me a lot. While performing, they are wearing helmets and the audience can't see their faces. Strange, isn't it?
When they started playing, one of the critics said that they are ''a bunch of daft punk" and since then they are Daft Punk. I cannot write about them, you should listen to one of their songs. Today I want to present you 'Crescendolls'. Have fun while listening. Share your opinions in comments!

poniedziałek, 6 czerwca 2011

The beginning.

Today was very, very busy day. But as always, music gave me something that made me feel happy. It was band called METRONOMY. They are incredible, really incredible. They are from UK, I dont know exactly from where. they are playing such a mix of IDM and electropop. To be honest, I like it.
'The look' is worth listening, cause it's truly good piece of music. Check it out!